How Can I Pass The NIOS Exam? Is It Difficult?

How Can I Pass The NIOS Exam? Is It Difficult? 1

How Can I Pass The NIOS Exam? Is It Difficult?

NIOS or National Institute of Open Schooling is an education board introduced by the Ministry of Human Resource Development in 1989.  

The main aim of the NIOS is to provide primary, secondary, senior secondary, vocational, and life skill education to the group of learners who are different or specially abled.  

NIOS coaching offers flexible education through open and distance learning education systems in India. The students have the freedom to study at their own pace, which can be longer than the usual 12 years of the educational system. NIOS educational board allows you to get a degree from anywhere across the globe.  

Here in this post, we will answer the most frequently asked question about the NIOS exams – How to prepare and pass the NIOS exams? 

10th, 12th फेल विद्यार्थी निराश ना हो, अपना साल बचाए।

NIOS / BBOSE के फार्म भरे जा रहे है - 10th, 12th इसी वर्ष अच्छे अंको से पास करे

To be honest, it is not easy to clear any board exams. But if you know the techniques, then you can easily clear the NIOS exams 2022. So let us get started-  

Tip 1 – Choose the right subjects-  

You need to know that the subjects you choose at the time of your NIOS admission need to be easy to understand without much help. Since it is an open schooling board and is a self-study model, make sure you choose subjects that interest you and at the same time need to be helpful for the future. NIOS Subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Accountancy are the four subjects where you might need coaching from experts to clear the subjects. So make a wise choice.  

Tip 2 – Collect all the study material-  

Once you have cleared the NIOS admission process, they will dispatch all the NIOS books to your registered address. However, most of the time, they do not share the books in time. So you need to be in touch with the chosen NIOS study centre, which can be very time-consuming. But do not worry. There are many NIOS study materials available online where you can get the best NIOS books. These NIOS study guides come with previous year question papers and NIOS practice worksheets, which will help you get a clear idea of the question paper pattern and make your NIOS exam preparation easier. 

Tip 3 – Attend NIOS weekly classes-  

NIOS conducts weekend classes for everyone who has enrolled for the NIOS. So do not miss out on the classes. Attend the NIOS online admission coaching  for weekend regularly. The main of these classes is to make sure the student is studying, and the teachers are aware of the NIOS exams and give the best guidance. 

Tip 4 – Get private coaching-  

With an increase in the popularity of the NIOS board, many NIOS coaching centres are being established. So if you find any subjects difficult to understand like maths, accounts, physics, chemistry, and biology, you can choose a NIOS coaching center near you for effective coaching. Make sure you choose the right NIOS tuition center that offers the best NIOS coaching to all the students.  

Tip 5 – Download last 10-year question paper- 

Practicing the NIOS previous year’s question papers will help you prepare for the exams, help in time management, and will help you understand where you stand in terms of understanding the concepts. Practicing the NIOS question papers will help you get the best score in your exams. The NIOS previous 10-year question papers are available online. 

Some Quick Tips to Ace Your NIOS Exams- 

Here in this section, we have mentioned some effective writing tips that will help you ace your NIOS exams 2022. 

  • Read the questions carefully before you start answering them. Do not forget to check the answer length.
  • Write headings in a dark pen. Do not waste your time writing questions. However, do not miss out on writing the correct question number.
  • Highlight the important points by underlining them or using a dark pen. 
  • Answer the easy question first, so you have the time to write the other difficult and lengthy questions. 
  • Write relevant answers.

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फॉर्म भरे जा रहे है

NIOS या कोई अन्य बोर्ड एग्जाम में फेल हुए छात्रों के लिए पास होने का सुनहरा अवसर

NIOS Admission 2022

BBOSE Admission 2022

Failed Students क्या करें ?

किसी भी मान्यता प्राप्त बोर्ड जैसे (BSEB, CBSE, NIOS) के फेल विद्यार्थी अपने दो विषयो का अंक BBOSE या NIOS बोर्ड में ट्रांसफर (T.O.C) कर कोई भी 3 विषयो का एग्जाम देकर विषयो का एग्जाम देकर 2 महीने में पास करने का मौका प्राप्त कर सकते है।
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